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Copy What Works- How to Make Money Without Reinventing the Wheel

When people tell you they want to start earning money online, often they will say it with a sense of self-importance. They see themselves as some genius entrepreneur and they construct some elaborate business plan or some insane ground-breaking app that they think will change the world and they get to work.

While this all sounds great when they tell themselves it though, the reality is that this is a completely misguided way to go about making money as an internet entrepreneur.

Making Money: Normally Very Dull

Normally making money isn’t exciting. Normally you don’t get paid to do things you love doing. Normally, making money is dull. Creating the next Facebook or Flappy Birds sounds very exciting but this should be your first clue that something is wrong.

Meanwhile, if you think you’re the next Mark Zuckerberg, you’re probably not. Even Zuckerberg never thought he was the next Mark Zuckerberg. Instead, you’re more likely to be what the industry calls a ‘wantrepreneur’.

So how do you go about making money online?

Often it’s very simple: find a product that is selling very well and start selling it as well as an affiliate. Or better yet, find a product that is selling very well and emulate it. If you can improve the exact marketing materials, even better.

This should be a product that targets a small and clear niche and demographic and it should aim to solve a very straightforward problem for them. This is easy to market and it is easy to sell.

It’s not exciting and it essentially amounts to researching, copying and pasting. But if it’s proven to work. Why would you do anything else? Making money doesn’t mean changing the world – most often the two do not go hand in hand.-

Copy the entire iPro Internet Profits Business– An Instant business. A complete business plan with websites designed and developed for you, with front end products to premier back-end products generating $2,500  paydays.

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Q. Is iPro Internet Profits simple and easy to use for a new marketer?


No skills required to get started, user-friendly system and extremely clear instructions. It is a foolproof small business and once you are set up it’s totally hands free. If you know how to turn on your computer and connect to the Internet– If you can copy and paste you are 100% ready to make profits.

Q. Are the products I’ll be promoting any good?


They are in demand, absolute top quality and convert buyers incredibly well. Customer services are first-rate and included for your business too. These millionaires have been creating, tweaking and perfecting every single component of your own sales funnel.

Q. Do you recommend without hesitation I become an iPro partner?


It’s a smart investment with incredible value. If you need more information, CLICK HERE to get the details.. I am all in for making informed decisions– it took me three evenings to look iPro over. Now I’m an iPro partner myself because it is literally everything I need. EVERYTHING!


I could create an entire funnel just like iPro has but it will take weeks, maybe months. Why bother when they have done all the hard work for you– following up with all the leads and then paying you all the commissions?

Q. After I make my investment can I start making money right away?


Some make sales the first day. You are guaranteed to show real profits, (see the next question). You get all the software and  tools you need to start promoting your business right away and because the products are in place and the  funnels are so well-tested, you can see results incredibly fast.

Q. What is the guarantee?

Glad you asked! iPro backs this up with a patented $20,000 guarantee;

If you’ve not made at least $20,000 in six months from now iPro will personally work with you one on one for free until you do.

That is a guarantee worthy of your sincere consideration. You can’t be any more fair than that.

Q. Is it easy to drive traffic and get sales?


Because you get instant access to iPro’s proven Traffic Masters program which turns you into a free traffic expert in 10 days or less. You will want to tell everyone you know when you make that first sale.


This business ‘shortcut’ includes complete support. You’re getting traffic assistance by getting the Traffic Videos program, paid traffic from us for free and free traffic work done by our traffic experts – all for free as part of this special offer.

Q. Can you give me the link now so I can get this started right now?


Success the easy way iPro internet profitsSee You Inside – Simply Amazing Offer

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